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Funny to watch Good Mythical Morning as they give their review of their 15 Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2013 (# 1 is not the one you think they might pick).


9 Videos You Should Definitely See This Week

Let's edit the tired adage "like a girl" to "kick ass like a girl"! Our hard-wired society needs to watch and show our children--boys and girls--this video until the strength and power of the female are recognized in EVERYTHING !


Paul Harvey Dodge Ram Truck Super Bowl Commercial "God Made A Farmer"

To the farmer in all of us, this 2013 Dodge Ram Super Bowl commercial. This Dodge Ram Truck farmer commercial ranked as one of the top Super Bowl commercials of 2013.


Budweiser Puppy & More: 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials Of 2015

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