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Torani Syrup 40% Off on Amazon, $3.24 Each

Torani sugar-free & calorie free syrups. Sold at Liquor Barn & World market ($7)

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Raspberry Cream Soda made with Sprite, Torani syrup and whipped cream. It is an easy and tasty Italian cream soda.

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Torani Syrup Recipes I love these, peach iced tea, salted caramel hot chocolate, so many great flavors❤️

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White Chocolate Mocha

White Chocolate Mocha | Stress Baking. The perfect Starbucks copycat recipe with less calories! Espresso is beautifully complemented by creamy, smooth Torani white chocolate sauce to create an indulgent beverage perfect for a cold winter's day.

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Torani Hazelnut Latte // INGREDIENTS: 1oz. Torani Hazelnut Syrup, 8oz Milk, 2 shots Espresso* // INSTRUCTIONS: Steam milk and Torani Syrup together. Pour heated, flavored milk into a tall glass and add brewed espresso*. Spoon a thin layer of foamed milk over beverage. // *If needed, 1/2 cup strong brewed coffee can be substituted for 2 shots espresso.

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Trust me, this baby tastes even BETTER than it looks! Recipe: 1 Scoop Mocha IdealShake protein meal replacement 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1 T. dark chocolate chips 1 T. sugar-free caramel Torani syrup 2 T. PB2 Add ice, blend, and enjoy!

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