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A Tour Of Norway's Best Snacks

Kokkosbolle - a very light, cream-filled chocolate log covered in coconut | A Tour Of Norway's Best Snacks

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Travel to all countries in Europe Been to: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Croatia, France, England, Wales, Scotland, Irland, Nothern Ireland, Vatikan

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In July 2012, we and grandson, Joshua, toured the Scandinavian cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki and then took an overnight ferry to St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Norway’s Fjords in Photos

When you think about visiting Norway, what comes to mind first? Fjords. It's always fjords. They are the symbol of the country and one of the reasons why

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Viking Swords at Stavanger Swords Monument-representing peace and unity-in memory of Harald the "Fairheaded" and the great battle of Hafrsfjord year 872 which united the kingdom of Norway. Sven's dad grew up here. Love it!

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A Tour Of Norway's Best Snacks

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The world’s northernmost city – and Svalbard’s only town with more than a handful of inhabitants – Longyearbyen is the base for tourism in Svalbard. We took a Maxi Taxi guided tour and learned these fun facts about Longyearbyen

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Europe by train: Five great one-week rail trip routes

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A Tour Of Norway's Best Snacks

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