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Make a Pot of Sun King Soup for Yule

Sun King Soup ~ The winter solstice marks the return of the sun, as it begins to make its way back towards the earth. Celebrate this festival of light with a nice rich bowl of Sun King Soup -- the bright sun colors and smooth texture are just the thing for either an appetizer, or a light meal at Yule.

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Gather the ancient forces, gather the power of Mongol blood, and ride wolves towards the Sun.

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The Oort Cloud is the massive spherical cloud that encases our entire Solar System. It is thought to extend from 5,000 AU (an AU is equal to the distance from the Sun to the Earth), out to about 50,000 AU, which is nearly a light year. It's composed of many trillions of objects larger than 1 km across, plus countless more of smaller sizes. The vast majority of comets originate here, slowly drifting through space until they are somehow knocked out of orbit and begin to fall towards the Sun.

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Holiday Writing Prompts Part 3-Dec 2016-As she walked towards the exit of her favorite coffee shop, she glanced down at her cup.

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Rihanna - Towards the Sun (Home OST)....great movie....& an even better song

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30 Spectacular Magical Photo Manipulations

Use the time alone to heal, not to dwell on the past, beat yourself up or long for the past. Learn to breathe again, learn to accept the the changes, learn to look at the future with peace in your heart.

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Towards The Sun Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Leonid Afremov

Towards The Sun Painting - Towards The Sun Fine Art Print (by Leonid Afremov on

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