The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence used to be burial sites, where the bodies were left laying in circles to be devoured by vultures, sun, wind and rain.

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TOWERS OF SILENCE: ZOROASTRIAN ARCHITECTURES A Dakhma (Persian: دخمه‎) also known as "Cheel Ghar" in Hindi and "Tower of Silence" in English, is a circular, raised structure used by Zoroastrians for exposure of the dead, particularly to scavenging birds.

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A Tower of Silence, or Dakhmeh, is a structure laying on the top of a hill, consisting of concentric slabs surrounding a central pit. The bodies were arranged onto four concentric rings: men, outermost, than women and children. Despite the fact the the birds of prey needed less than an hour to leave nothing but bones, the remains of the dead were left bleaching on the upper circles no less than a year before the nasellars could come and push the skeletons onto the underlying ossuary pit.

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"The Tower of Silence" aka "Dakhma". These pits are created to expose of the dead. They have them in India and Iran. The people believe that bodies of the dead are contaminated (and also may house a demon) so they set them around this pit. Men on the outside ring, women in the center ring and children in the inner most ring. With the use of lime, the bodies gradually disintegrate and the rain, washes the remaining body material off into the pit where it is eventually washed out to the ocean.

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Tower of Silence (Yadz, Iran). Zoroastrian funerary structure used for sky burials (excarnation), the serving of corpses to scavenging birds to avoid contamination decomposition had on the pure elements -earth, water and fire.

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