A cowboy toy is profoundly threatened and jealous when a fancy spaceman toy supplants him as top toy in a boy's room.

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Toy Story is a great movie that relates to philia love because it shows how friendship takes the toys back to their owner and how happy everyone is working together to make sure they get back home due to their compassion and true friendship!

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Buzz & Woody, the leaders, try to save the toys while they overcome obstacles. Exactly what Odysseus did, which was also the leader in The Odyssey.

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Toy Story..I absolutely loved all 3. I will never forget the look on my son's face the day he came face to face with Buzz Lightyear on one of our visits to Disneyland. Priceless <3

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28. Favorite sequel: Toy Story 3. It's was so sad how Andy moved away. And the toys almost died! It was a crazy movie! I loved it.

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How to Build Andy's Toy Chest from Toy Story - http://diyforlife.com/build-andys-toy-chest-toy-story/ - #ToyChest, #ToyStory http://diyforlife.com

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