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so this is my first post in this board and I'm kinda nervous because i don't know most of you guys, but hi


Northern Plains Tacked Hide Amulet Necklace From the Collection of Marvin L. Lince, Oregon 4/4/2014 - American Indian Art: Live Salesroom Auction thick buffalo hide disk ornamented in 63 brass tacks and coated with red pigment is attached to a hide thong strung with brass beads and 55 caliber lead shot; six strands of hair with sinew wrapping hands from lower portion of disk; TR 55 inked on reverse, diameter of disk 4 in.; overall length 25 in. 19th century


C: Flying Officer R. W. Stewart, a wireless operator on board an Avro Lancaster B Mark I of No. 57 Squadron RAF based at Scampton, Lincolnshire, speaking to the pilot from his position in front of the Marconi TR 1154/55 transmitter/receiver set. c.1942-43


MATRIXSYNTH: Roland TR-55 Drum Rhythm Machine


The first Japanese transistor radio. At 560 g, the radio incorporates five transistors and is powered by four AA batteries. The use of punched aluminum for the speaker .Although the dial scale and Sony logo are modeled after previous products, the designers sought a completely new style in other respects, which led to a radio of unprecedented size (89 x 140 x 38.5 mm) and shape.