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Two Decades of NAFTA infographic B3.7-identify countries/regions with which Canada has a significant economic relationship. p127


The Great Recession And Import Protection: The Role Of Temporary Trade Barriers free ebook

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International Trade Power Point

This 25 slide power point covers International Trade from every angle. It includes 8 graphs, step-by-step instructions for determining comparative advantage, covers trade barriers, and the reasons to import or export. There are various points for discussion throughout this lesson and this power point does not dumb-down the material.


Canadian trade barriers hurt N.Y. dairy | Morning Ag Clips

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International Trade Assessment

This 22 question multiple choice test will help measure the students understanding of international trade. It covers Comparative Advantage, Trade Barriers, and the decision to import or export.Answer Key and TEKS providedQuestions are based on this power point:The Power Point

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Planet Money T-Shirt Project

The podcast planet money made 7 amazing episodes about the process involved in making a single T-shirt. These podcasts will help your students learn all aspects of international trade. They cover trade barrier, free trade agreements, comparative advantage, the problems of globalization, the history of the garment industry in a fair and balanced way.I use these podcasts to supplement my lessons and play them in class, assign them for homework, and use them as emergency lesson plans any…


Background: Multilateralism GATT signed in 1947, aiming “reduction in tariffs and other international trade barriers” (23 members) GATT signed in 1947,

The Basics Of Tariffs And Trade Barriers | Investopedia

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Trade Barriers & Agreements Instructional Videos, Guided Notes, and Review

Trade Barriers & Agreements Instructional Videos, Guided N