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Facebook Symbols (cool text signs, emoticons & text pictures). Originally Pinned By: Carole Trese Swanson (11/12/2013) Facebook (CTS)

Trademarks - Anthony Lane - Logo, Branding and Identity Design | Minneapolis, MN

Computer text Symbols | Trademark Symbols ™ | Trademark (also called trade mark) TM, Registered and Service Mark (or servicemark) signs are meaningful popular computer symbols. You can type trademark and registered symbols right from your keyboard. Continue reading and I'll show you how to do that using different techniques on Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux.

Trademark symbol | The trademark symbol (™), in Unicode U+2122 ™ TRADE MARK SIGN (HTML ™ · ™), \texttrademark in LaTeX,[1] [2] is a symbol used to indicate an assertion that the preceding mark is a trademark. It is usually used for unregistered trademarks, as opposed to the registered trademark symbol (®) which is reserved for registered trademarks.

I love that the logomark resembles a stylized trademark symbol. Designer: David Goh
©™ A collection of modernist trademarks and symbols

©™ A collection of modernist trademarks and symbols

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Trademark symbols, what's the point