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Traditional Backyard Play


Who would have thought that hand clapping games could address so many different developmental skills at once!? Bilateral coordination, memory and cognitive skills, and cooperative play are all packed into this fun childhood tradition! Have some fun strolling down memory lane with these fun songs!

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A Dry river bed instead of a traditional sand pit. Large and smaller river rock lining a sand river with tree stumps, ferns and toys

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Turning The Backyard Into A Playground – Cool Projects Kids Will Love You For

Create your own adventure playground. Add an element of surprise to a run-of-the-mill backyard play area with a zip line or tree house. Have a steep hill? Set up a rock climbing area on the hillside.

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5 Low-Water Lawns That Stay Green Under Pressure

Kari. Any experience with any of these? Would they hold up with the kids playing on it?

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