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Lilting Irish names and meanings for baby boys

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Traditional Irish Baby Names

Many Irish names have a wonderful, magical feel. If you are looking for a Gaelic name for a baby, why not consider a traditional Irish baby name?

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Based on Shakespeare's influence, the Fairy Queen or Queen of the Fairies was a figure from English folklore who was believed to rule the fairies and is is often named as Titania or Mab. In Irish folklore, the last High Queen of the Daoine Sidhe - and wife of the High King Finvarra - was named Oona (or Oonagh, or Una, or Uonaidh etc). In the ballad tradition of Northern England and Lowland Scotland, she was called the Queen of Elphame.

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Declan - A traditional Irish name meaning "man of prayer" or "full of goodness." St. Declan founded a monastery in Ireland, and St. Declan's Stone has purportedly been the site of many miracles. #name #baby #grey #orange

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Traditional Irish naming patterns for sons and daughters -History blog from Findmypast

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