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Plants in shades of green and white are selected for their scent, which on a warm summer evening wafts through the open windows, filling the house with perfume.

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Slow Cooker Sauerbraten

Slow Cooker Sauerbraten Recipe~ Normally it takes 5 days to marinate the roast (you have to turn it every day) and that takes some planning. But this iis one of my favorite German recipes (I'm mostly of German descent). I grew up eating German food and learned from my Gramma how to make all the old country dishes. My husband hates German food *thunks head on table* D'oh!!!!!

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A glass-enclosed shower is fitted with a bench is this traditional master bathroom space. The potted flowers on the vanity are also seen in the kids' bathroom, adding continuity between the spaces.

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FORMAL BALANCE: WHY- If you split this room down the middle of the bed, both sides are symmetrical. One and a half picture on each side, a flower pot on each side along with a night stand, and half of a couch on each side. DEF- Symmetrical; objects arranged identically on either side of a center point; traditional style.

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