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Traditional Trash And Recycling

Chic laundry sorter in Traditional Detroit with Dirty Clothes Laundry Hamper next to Dirty Clothes Hamper alongside Trash Chute To Garage and Recycle Bin

from Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit

Can Terracycle Convince American Parents to Recycle Dirty Diapers?

Terracycle is no stranger to challenges. The company actually seems to thrive when it comes to exploring new ways to upcycle and recycle traditionally non-recyclable waste into new products. Still, none of the items the company saved so far from landfills, including drink pouches or chip bags, is coming even close to be as challengeable as the item it is about to add to its make cash from trash machine. It’s dirty, stinky and not so easy to recycle and usually no one really wants to mess…

Storage for Recyclables - It feels good to go green, especially when the results aren't on display. Use the kitchen island to keep all those cans and bottles stashed in an oversized pullout shelf behind a sturdy door.


Alternatives to traditional poppers that usually include a small charm or toy that you end up tossing in the trash…Wrapping is "seed paper" with wild flowers to be planted, recycled toilet paper roll, reusable rafia... Include Thanksgiving themed Bible verse and other gifts ( (

The garbage and recycling center in San Francisco offers fellowships to artists who use recycled materials. This odd looking robotic mosquito, looking for its first blood, was a recycled artwork project. Repurposing the materials into exciting artwork keeps these objects out of landfills and eliminates the costs of traditional recycling.