Trafalgar Law - One Piece. I'm not usually a fan of tattoo but his is just plain awesome. Loveeeeeeee the character!!!!!
Trafalgar Law
Trafalgar Law x Monkey D. Luffy- NAWWWW for once Law's smiling! XD
Trafalgar Law! I wish he was part of the Strawhats, but then the monster trio of the Strawhats wouldn't include Sanji...
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Trafalgar Law    _One Piece
Trafalgar Law Signature by MrShKoDrA
One Piece - Trafalgar law and Chopper XD
Did you know?, "Kikoku" is the name of Trafalgar Law's sword, which means Damon's Cry, it has no rank since it's a cursed sword, Trafalgar D. Water Law, fact, text; One Piece
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