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Copy & Paste – Portable Scanner. Copy & Paste is a portable scanning and printing tool with which you can literally perform the said function. You don’t need your heavy printer or a photocopier machine. All you need is this handheld scanner that can transfer the images and text from one source to another source, but in the physical plane.

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ROI from Training with Learning Transfer Infographic -

ROI from Training with Learning Transfer Infographic -

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Linear drains are the way to go with multiple functions working ~

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Transfer of Energy Sorting Activity (Conduction, Convection, and Radiation)

In this fun interactive sorting activity, students come to the board to identify examples of conduction, convection, and radiation. This SMART Notebook activity utilizes the "Activity Builder" function of SMART Notebook 11 and allows objects to be animated when sorted by groups. A printable foldable is included on which students can take notes during the activity. Check out the free working preview. Included are 20 examples, full instructions and an answer key!

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Heat Transfer Foldable

This easy foldable can help students organize notes over the different types of heat transfer. There are two copies of this foldable included. One already has illustrations of each type of heat transfer whereas the other is blank to encourage students to draw their own visual interpretation of the word.

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