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Transitional Compost Bins

from TreeHugger

The hot poop on alternative toilets, Tiny house edition

a model of simplicity; it's a bucket. You put organic material on top of your poop after you use it; if it smells, add more sawdust or whatever you are using until it doesn't. The buckets fill up pretty quickly (in less than a week for two people) at which point you swap it out for an empty one and take the full one out to the separate composting area outside. It's that simple. Sawdust, peat moss,dry leaves, rice hulls, coco coir, sugar cane bagasse


Proof That Decorating Opposites CAN Attract

Love the mix of French farmhouse accents with the sleek, transitional-style cabinets and hardware in this modern country kitchen.

from Lotus Belle

5m Lotus Belle Outback Deluxe Glamping Tent

5m Lotus Belle Outback Deluxe LOVE this, perfect for transitional accommodation when we sell the house. Just zip on a cooking option and a composting toilet and I might never leave guys!


The Greenlid! The First Fully Compostable Organic Waste Container The greenlid container and contents can be composted in home composts and municipal organic waste programs ​The greenlid contains Natural mineral additives prevent leakage The greenlid is supplied with compostable lid - for a no mess disposal Use with the greenlid's reusable plastic lid to prevent undesirable kitchen odours