Proposed entry aesthetic to bathroom and kitchen area in new addition- suggest treated plywood panels to floor and ceiling.

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Ventilation Requirements for Integrated Appliances - Sustainable Kitchens. A guide to enabling the correct ventilation for kitchen appliances.

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So this entire structure is created out of flat sheets of pressure treated plywood. Very detailed & intricate, the structure is a full two-story “gazebo” with fantastic design elements. Layers upon layers of intricately cut sheets create this dramatic effect. And a splash of theatrical lighting doesn’t hurt any either!

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Headless horseman silhouette. 1 and a half 4x8 sheets 1/2" pressure treated plywood with pumpkin on arm stand. Impressive at sunset. Needs to be in front of something that is well lite at night to get the best effect. Was a crowd pleaser.

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3/4 pressure treated plywood over 2x4 framing with R13 insulation in the batts.

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