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Trinidad Island

The Scarlet Ibis inhabits marshes, swamps, lakes and streams. Its diet is crabs, small fish, frogs and worms. Its scientific name is Eudocismus Ruber. This image is of the scarlet ibis flying. Its a really pretty picture. Its color is really beautiful. I really like the picture because its wings are spread and it is in the air.

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Fruits of Trinidad Tobago.....funny being born and raised there and some of these fruits I have never tried!!!

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Paime, pronounced “pay-me”, is a local delicacy made of cornmeal, flour, raisins, coconut, sugar and other ingredients, wrapped in a banana (fig) leaf and put to steam until cooked. (aluminum foil can also be used).

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Jamaican Steamed Cabbage and Carrot

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Trinidad Chicken Pelau

Trinidad Chicken Pelau: A step by step guide on making the unofficial Trinidad national dish, pelau. A hearty one pot dish of caramelized chicken with rice and pigeon peas. #HomeMadeZagat

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