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Ultimate Germany Road Trip Guide

Amazing Germany road trip guide. ermany is an easy country to get round and it is no wonder why you are searching for a way to make your Germany road trip a reality. Renting a car in Germany is a great way to see the countryside and it will allow you to get off the beaten tourist path and really discover what Germany has to offer.


Ultimate Germany Road Trip Guide

The complete guide to the most beautiful villages in Germany. Discover which historic villages are worth visiting and what most tourist just see from a window of their tour bus. Click to read more at


Top Places to Visit in Germany!

If you’re considering traveling to Europe, you should definitely add Germany to your Bucket List! Germany certainly has plenty of castles, fairy-tale villages and places of wonder that really…


Ultimate Germany Road Trip Guide

Germany's Best Road Trips. What are the best road trips in Germany? To the rules…


Ultimate Germany Road Trip Guide

Discover the Romantic road. Germany’s Romantic Road (this is what we did) is 261 miles long and drives you through the heart of Bavaria. Highlights include Munich, Nordlingen, Dinkelsbuhl, Rothenburg, Nuremburg, Bamburg and Fussen where you can visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. Click to read more


There's an upside down cafe in Germany and it will mess with your head

If you find it difficult enough in the morning, we suggest you don’t try picking up your morning coffee from this place. It's in Wertheim, Germany, so it’s a pretty long way to go. It's also upside down. However, if you’re ever in the area, you might want to pay a trip to see The Toppels’ roadside cafe – an upside down coffee shop, which sits next to an upside down house, which is open to the public.


Ultimate Germany Road Trip Guide

Renting a car in Germany Ultimate Guide. If you want the ultimate German road trip experience and are looking to discover Germany off the beaten path like we did, look no further. Everything you need to know about taking a Germany road trip. Click to read the full adventure travel blog post at


Itinerary: 10 Days in Germany

The Ultimate Itinerary for Southern Germany. Castles, biergartens, spas - it's all covered! | Submerged Oaks


Ultimate Germany Road Trip Guide

How To Do Germany On The Cheap. Ultimate Germany Guide to saving money while traveling in Germany but yet having the ultimate German Adventure. Click to read more at