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Honeycomb tripe and strips of bacon are cooked with aromatics, chopped carrots and potato in this soup which is thickened with a roux.

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Hoping that I liked recipes for stew, dare I offer another traditional Romanian recipes.Tripe, a traditonal soup eaten with pleasure after a long party, drinking more, or just for lunch.It has a refreshing effect on the body.As necessary ingredients we need: about 3-4 kilograms of beef tripe (calf've used myself) 1 beef bone (about 600-800 grams, it must be with meat) 1 tablespoon grated pepper 4 bay leaves 2 carrots 2 tablespoons oil 1 garlic (about 10 cloves) 8 egg…

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Tripe Soup Or Flaki Or Flaczki Is A Traditional Polish/Slavic Soup

Tripe Soup Or Flaki Or Flaczki Is A Traditional Polish/Slavic Soup: Polish Tripe Soup

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Caribbean Soul Food: How to Make Beef Tripe Soup

Tripe Soup : Tripe, Cowheel and Beef are among the many thick soups made in the Caribbean and enjoyed as a main meal. The tripe most used and available in the Caribbean is cow's tripe. It is a meat that requires long cooking and so the best tool to use to make Tripe Soup is a pressure cooker. Of course the soup can be made in a regular pot but it will take at least 2 - 3 hours to be cooked enough so that the tripe is tender.


Mix Food Recipes: Menudo Rojo (Mexican Spicy Beef Tripe Soup)

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Menudo Soup, Mexican Tripe Soup Recipe, Whats Cooking America

Menudo Soup Recipe, Tripe Soup Recipe, How To Make Mexican Tripe Soup, Whats Cooking America

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The Nasty Bits: Menudo Rojo, or Red-Chile Tripe Soup

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Make a Flavorful Menudo as Authentic as the Original