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Beautycounter believes that business should be a tool for positive change. Social responsibility and environmental stewardship should not be pitted against the desire for financial success. Most importantly for Beautycounter, we want to show that making health-protective decisions about the ingredients we use can be good for the people, the planet, and for profit. This t-fold commitment means that we’re a “triple bottom line” business.


How a Focus on the Triple Bottom Line Is Captivating Young Workers (Infographic)


Triple bottom line benefits of clean energy - Creates 3X jobs as Fossil fuel, improves environment, slashes pollution -


Get your espresso in a chocolate cone at this LA shop

Eat your coffee cup without losing a tooth. This just a picture, but these go for $5 a piece at a coffee shop. It is a flat bottom waffle cone acted in chocolate. Not too hard to make I am sure, and a lot cheaper too!