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Pink Floyd - What Do You Want From Me (Trippy Music Video)

Jimi Hendrix, 1967. There have been so many great guitarists and I think it's silly to argue about just one of them being the best. But I don't think anyone had more impact, that's for sure


This is a cool animation that is originally a video created by the artist/animator Anthony Francisco Schepperd... for Tony Simon aka(Blockhead) for his 2009 studio album The Music Scene for the song and video The Music Scene. Don`t Hate, this is just another re-incarnation...I like the original video a...

from Laughing Squid

‘Come Closer’, A Trippy Music Video by Singer Emmy Curl Shot in One Take With Live Body Projections

“Come Closer” is a music video by Portuguese singer Emmy Curl and directed by motion designer Nuno Barbosa that features some trippy, mind-warping live projections. The entire video was shot in one…