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Aster - September flower - These perennial flowers grow well in average soils, but need full sun. Aster flowers come in blues, purples and a variety of pinks. All Asters are yellow in the center of the flower.

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Plants, herbs, foods, etc. that raise estrogen levels and should be avoided if you have PCOS or hormone imbalance

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At birth, newborn opossums are so tiny that an entire litter, consisting of up to 14 babies, can fit into a single teaspoon. They are so undeveloped that it's impossible for them to survive outside the mother. However, their front legs are developed all out of proportion to the rest of their bodies, and are strong enough for the completely blind babies to pull themselves from their birth opening, across the mother's belly, into her pouch

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@Trisha Bishop - not that Cambry needs anything else in her room... but this would be super cute framed :)

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