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Trisha Date Of Birth

Aster - September flower - These perennial flowers grow well in average soils, but need full sun. Aster flowers come in blues, purples and a variety of pinks. All Asters are yellow in the center of the flower.

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Plants, herbs, foods, etc. that raise estrogen levels and should be avoided if you have PCOS or hormone imbalance

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Bradley Stone | Classification: Mass murderer Characteristics: Shooting spree - Iraq War veteran Number of victims: 6 Date of murders: December 15, 2014 Date of birth: 1979 Victims profile: Nicole Hill, 33 (Stone’s ex-wife) / Joanne Gilbert, 57 (Hill’s mother) / Patricia Hill, 75 (Nicole’s grandmother) / Trisha Flick, 36 (Nicole Hill’s sister) / Aaron Flick, 39 (Trisha’s husband) / Nina Flick, 14 (Trisha and Aaron’s daughter) Method of murder: Shooting Location: Montgomery/Delaware

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