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Tropical dryers

adorable! my boyfriend & I have been collecting dryer lint for years so that I could eventually have it for all the birdhouses I thought I would make :( Maybe something like this will be my first!

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White and Pink Double Flap Converse Size 10 Women

White and Pink Double Flap Converse Size 10 Women White and pink tropical double flap converse, used. Did not go in washer or dryer, hand cleaned Converse Shoes Sneakers

Tropic Aire Retro Hair Dryer

Tropic Aire Retro Hair Dryer by OldTimesForgotten on Etsy

has anyone else had to start using dryer sheets for your hair? bc holy crap my hair was going crazy this morning.

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The future of the red-capped manakin and other tropical birds in Panama looks bleak. A University of Illinois research project spanning more than three decades and simulating another five decades analyzes how changes in rainfall will affect bird populations. The results show that for 19 of the 20 species included in the study, there may be significantly fewer birds if conditions become dryer.

Blue Seashell Coastal Candleholder - Small Beach Decor | Nautical Decor | Tropical Decor | Coastal Decor

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Giradora: Foot-Powered Washer and Dryer for Off-Grid Applications and Post-SHTF | Truth is Treason

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