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Tetramin Plus Tropical Fish Food 375ml


Tetracolor Plus Tropical Fish Food 1 Oz


Tropical Fish Care Pack

2 BottlesManufacturer Together, Stress Coat and Stress Zyme assure good water quality, an efficient biological filter, healthy fish and a clean aquarium.

Aquarium Zen, Seattle.  Tropical Fish Store, Aquatic Plants and Nature Aquarium Supplies.

1. Paper Plate Tropical Fish Tropical fish are gorgeous, but if you don’t afford buying your own aquarium, why not paper-craft them instead? This lovely tutorial shows you how make lovely tropical fish using paper plates, acrylic paints, craft glue, scissors, and some other supplies you definitely have handy – and now matter how skilled …

Frozen Bloodworms: Great food supplement for once in a while. I don't feed freeze-dried because it sometimes swells up in fish and causes bloat. "An Excellent Diet For All Types Of Tropical Fish - Especially Discus, Eels, and Bettas."