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Tropical Ladles

Old Water Pot - I have no idea how long this pot has been standing here but it looks as though its not been moved for many years! On the top you can just see the ladle with its wooden handle and beautiful silver crafted bowl. #stone #jar #vessel #old #water #pot #ladle #moss #plant #ancient #chiangmai #thailand #thai #oriental #orient #tropical #southeastasia

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Imperial Tahitian Ladle Ladel Soup Sauce Bamboo Cane Stainless Flatware Tropical

Imperial Tahitian Ladle Ladel Soup Sauce Bamboo Cane Stainless Flatware Tropical…

1 gallon tropical orange juice 1/2 cup Cointreau 2 cups Smirnoff® Vanilla Vodka Lime juice Black sugar (available in craft stores or online) Orange candy sticks (1) In a large punch bowl, stir together tropical orange juice, Cointreau & Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka. Top with ice. (2) Dip rims of martini glasses into lime juice, then in black sugar. (3) Ladle punch into glasses. Garnish with an orange candy stick.

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Tropical Toffee Brittle

Tropical Toffee Brittle -- a crunchy candy loaded with dried pineapple, macadamia nuts, and coconut


luau recipes you can make from commonly available ingredients, advice on where to find the best luaus in Hawaii, recommendations on music to put you in the mood to hula and even a brief history of this uniquely tropical feast -- the Hawaiian luau.


Spalted driftwood olive ladle. A work in progress. It is carved from an as yet unknown tropical hardwood with cream streaks from the spalting. A knot burr on the side has been hollowed, cleaned and drilled to drain away liquid from the olives in the jar.

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Mason Jar Margaritas

Mason Jar Margaritas Makes approximately 18 half-pint jars 64 ounces water 2 cans frozen limeade 3 tablespoons lime juice 24 ounces tequila 24 ounces Paula’s Texas Orange* Mix everything together in a large pot. Ladle into mason jars, place lids, and screw on rings. For ease of transport and storage, put jars back into the original box flat. Store in freezer for at least two hours, until ready to serve. *You can substitute Cointreau if you don’t have access to Paula’s.