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True Colors lyrics / songs of inspiration: You with the sad eyes, Don't be discouraged, Oh I realize It's hard to take courage, In a world full of people You can lose sight of it all, And the darkness inside you Can make you feel so small. But I see your true colors Shining through. I see your true colors, And that's why I love you. So don't be afraid to let them show; Your true colors, True colors are beautiful, Like a rainbow

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25 Heart-Wrenching Quotes For When It's Time To Walk Away (For Good)

There's a fine line between someone needing you and someone using you. | "You see a person's true colors when you are no longer beneficial to their life."

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People show their true colors, unintentionally. Pay attention.

"People show their true colors in the most innocent of moments, so if you want to know, you must watch," silver said. I grinned back. "Yours just happen to be a rainbow, correct" I never saw someone's face drain so fast. "No one is suppose to know that!"

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You see a Person’s true colors when you are no longer beneficial to their life.