All that "money" and your "hair" still looks like something Dante's orange tabby coughed up...

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Oh, you don't like political correctness? Ok, well then... Trump is trash and anyone voting for him is an idiot.

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That is true,but we will check every lie and prove you wrong every time. Along with all the idiots that voted for you. To bad there is an electoral college. It's as ridiculous as Trump College.

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Trump is too tacky to vote for. What kind of idiot thinks a gold toilet is appropriate? The redneck preacher, Joyce Meyer, had a jewel-encrusted shitter. Tasteless pigs. Getting money off gullible fools, then buying tacky shitters.

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I had a thought, if the Trump campaign admits he is an idiot then what does that make those that vote for a confessed idiot?

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What part of this drivel made anyone think this person deserves to be our president? This is INSANITY!

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If my political party suddenly attracted racists, nazis and bigots, I would be checking my values.

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