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Andy Williams - Try To Remember(Year 1965). The recently late great Andy.


And Then There Was Treason, For Those Who Have Heart, Homesick, What Separates Me From You, and Common Courtesy


The media is constantly trying to dig up dirt on Trump...Why don't they make their work a little easier and report on Hillary. There are limitless scandals and lies to choose from....


I will try to remember to say this every day until I believe it all!


The world ( including your family and friends) will try to sway you. But always remember to stay true to yourself and honour your truth.

.....I'm not even a Hillary supporter due to her involvement in the privatization of prisons, which just happened to be disproportionately filled with AA/black men. Definitely by design but this guy is NOT capable of the presidency of the US. He will treat it as if it belongs to him and his family. Not to mention alienating us from the rest of the civilized world...but hey, just my opinion. Try to take it!

from Praise 107.9

10 Inspirational God Memes To Inspire The Soul [Photos]

10 Inspirational God Memes To Inspire The Soul [Photos] …


I need you. For the rest of my life. But if you can not B present at this time. Well then it's not going to be. I need you. My day would go a lot smoother and if you were here. I don't know what you want anymore. I have tried to give you everything right,I guess it's not enough. Lucky you, I give up.


their best- I will try to remeber this when I am forgiving those that have betrayed me, broken my heart or fired me when I did not desere it.