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Tubal Cain (The Iron Worker and King Solomon: Illustrating a Tradition of the Great Temple at Jerusalem, and Its Builders): Harrison Jr., Joseph. "References to the Solomon and Blacksmith legend itself, to legends about Tubal Cain, and to the history and customs of the old fraternity of smiths are very numerous."

Tubal-Cain also known as Tôbalkin the Vulcan. Mes-kalam-dug. King of Ur. Hero of the Good Land. Ca 3200 BCE.


The Lady of the Rose Garden by Ian Chambers, exploring witchcraft, witches' Garter, rosary. From Clan of Tubal Cain website

Pillars of Tubal-Cain is one of the best books on Luciferian folklore & occultism available today. Highly recommended. By Nigel Jackson and Michael Howard. #LHP #Occult


Ancient History: A Revised Chronology: An Updated Revision of Ancient ... - Anthony Lyle - Google Books Aryan king list of India Sumerian king list after the Flood - Chaldean Kings before the Flood - Dumuzi; Berossus, Enoch, Lamech, Tubal-Cain