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Pretty Boy Floyd’s Tulsa Home: Feb 11, 1932 20 Tulsa Police Dept officers raided 513 E. Young St. in search of Charles Arthur “Choc” Floyd, a.k.a Pretty Boy Floyd. Floyd evaded capture following a shootout near 5th & Harvard. He abandoned his vehicle registered to a Jack Hamilton of Young Street. Jack Hamilton = Pretty Boy Floyd. Woody Guthrie claimed that more people attended Pretty Boy Floyd’s funeral than that of any governors’ in Oklahoma’s history. He was laid to rest in Akins, Okla.

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Tulsa Police Department's pink police car lets women know that they aren't alone in the fight against breast cancer.

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Geraldine Martin was abducted and murdered in Tulsa in 1975, not long after Mike Nance became a Tulsa Police Department officer.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Chief Chuck Jordan apologized on Saturday for the Tulsa Police Department’s inaction during the 1921 race riot.

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Betty Shelby of the Tulsa Police Department. Tulsa Police Department and her victim Terence Crutcher, 40

Photo of April in Tulsa, Okla. taken by Karin Fain Xmas holiday.My sister is still missing . Contact Tulsa police department with any information.

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The death of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after a police shooting is being investigated by the Justice Department and state authorities.