What was your inspiration? I've done tumbling blocks before, using the method given by Laurs, so I decided to up the anti a bit and do hollow blocks instead (you tube tutorial lol).

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Visualization of Ypsilon illusion: As in all tumbling blocks, the basic blocks (step 1) are made of light, medium and dark values. The shading creates the illusion of a three dimensional cube (we used 25%, 50% and 80% values). We took individual blocks and stacked them, one at a time, to form the Y shape (step 4). If you count the number of light, medium and dark diamonds in step 4 you'll see that there are 3 of each. The pattern is then formed by staggering the Y shapes, as shown (step 5).

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I love this tumbling block Quilt. The whole thing just pops !!!--TD. I would love to make something like this one day.

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