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Don't say stupid things you lower the IQ of the whole street

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Thank you! The double standards nowadays frustrate me to no end. A woman can be beautiful and smart. :)

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How to Look Great This Swimsuit Season

feminism, tumblr, feminist, body image Constant policing of women's bodies. We are just never the write size.

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A boy recently asked me if he could kiss me worried it would ruin the mood and everything. I laughed not because it was bad or anything because if how cute it was and how special it made me feel. All boys should do this. It doesn't ruin the mood. One of the best kisses I've ever had.

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Funny tumblr post

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31 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Only Feminists Will Get

Me: *has hair in the pigtail braid* my boyfriend: I don't understand why girls like braids. I don't think they're that attractive. But I mean if you like it do it. Don't ever not where something because I don't like it.

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I got this book in 1994 from my parents Liberal friends. I don't remember paying much attention to it, or really reading it much. About to go read it!!

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