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(Face palms while grinning like an idiot) I hate you all why did you do this to me?! (Is conflicted between wanting to laugh out loud and wanting to murder somebody (so in other words the constant emotions of the entire MCR Fandom))

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my chemical romance fan art | Tumblr

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Omg but this literally happened with a couple in my seventh grade class where they died their hair blue together after dating for a week

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Save yourself, I'll hold them back. My chemical romance

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Welcome to the black parade- my chemical romance - tumblr>>>the things in astricks are the best out of all of it.

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Gerard is just....perfection. Still. My Chemical Romance is still perfection too, and it always will be.

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Ahahaha I only understood: Panic at the disco (YASS) 30 seconds to mars (YESS) Green day (YESS) My chemical romance (YESSS) All time low (Yess) Pierce the veil (YESS) Fall Out Boy (YESS) Of mice and men Anyone know the other ones?

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