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Tumescent Liposuction Cost - 5 Mistakes To Avoid! -


During the procedure, fluid is injected into the fat. This allows for easier sculpting of the tissues, and also introduces anesthetic and a medicine to constrict blood vessels to minimize bleeding. This technique is called tumescent liposuction. Multiple small incisions are made in areas of natural skin folds to minimize scarring, and small hollow tubes are inserted under the skin to suction out fat.

Lipedema Tumescent Liposuction Surgery #1 with Dr. David Amron- My Post Op Experience – Calves/Ankles, Arms


Did you know that Dr. Young consistently trains other physicians in various medical and surgical specialties in the art of awake tumescent liposuction? Here are 3 physicians that flew in from far and wide just to train along side of Dr. Young in his 2-day hands-on course! #physiciantraining #smartlipotraining

Water-assisted liposuction - unlike traditional tumescent liposuction, where the fluids mixture of epinephrine and anesthesia is administered prior to introducing the cannula - disperses a pressurized jet stream of water/lidocaine/epinephrine solution continuously throughout the procedure through a double cannula, Not trained

Newport Beach, CA

Tumescent Liposuction under Local Anesthesia

Tumescent Liposuction ~ Top, preoperative view. Bottom, postoperative view

Tumescent Liposuction ~ Left, preoperative view. Right, postoperative view