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Film on Tupac's life All Eyez On Me to be released on Tupac's birthday June 16 2017.

In retrospect, when "What's Ya Phone Number?" from Tupac released, I was way too young to be listening to a song this graphic. But I pretty much know the words and turned out to be pretty productive in life. This song is ratchet as hell though. Still like it. #Tupac


TuPacs Biopic All Eyez On Me Will Be Released On His Birthday

I find a lot of photos of him laughing, smiling-- yet media often portrayed him as a criminal who was only angry at the world.


#PressPlay: Looks like the highly anticipated #Tupac biopic #AllEyezOnMe finally got a release date!!! Producer #LTHutton confirms it will drop on June 16th... Pac's birthday!!!


Tupac One of my fav pic of him, his smile is so beautiful, this genuinely seems like a real smile , most of his laughter is forced, listen to the way he laughs just listen to his music. He had a lot of pain. He is an inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward like a soldier, he rapped about everyday struggle that is life. Rap will never be the same without him. Ever.

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