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Turkish Apple Tea


Turkish Apple Tea

Turkish Apple Tea from I found this recipe online & decide to post it here for safe keeping.


Turkish apple tea recipe. Nothing like it. Better at a cafe near a giant mosque, but my invisible jet is in the shop.


Baklava (Turkey). 'One of the most delicate desserts on the planet, baklava is carefully crafted from gossamer-thin sheets of yufka (filo pastry). Fold in a filling of finely chopped pistachio or walnuts, layer with melted butter and drown the whole shebang in syrup to create a mid-afternoon snack perfect with a robust Turkish coffee.'

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How to Make Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea

How to Make Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea | eHow When my rosehips are ready, I'll harvest them for this tea!


Elma Cayi (Turkish Apple Tea) - They served this when I was in Turkey and it was incredibly delicious, it was what started me on tea. I need to learn how to make it myself for at home.

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Turkish Apple Tea

GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, VEGETARIAN, VEGAN (OPTION) 1 lemon, juice and rind 1.3L water 200g brewed earl grey tea 60g honey (or to taste) 2 red apples, quartered and cored 2 cinnamon sticks 4 cloves Apple slices, to serve 1. Fill TM bowl with lemon juice, water, tea and honey. Place lemon rind, apples, cinnamon sticks and cloves in TM steamer basket and insert into bowl. Cook for 20 minutes, 90°C, speed 3. 2. Use the back of a spoon to gently push down on the apples. Remove steamer basket and discard contents. Serve hot garnished with a slice of apple. Variation: Chill apple tea and serve over ice with a slice of lemon for a refreshing afternoon drink. Quick Tip: Honey can be replaced with brown sugar.


Oct 16 Turkish Apple Tea

Turkish Apple Tea — alyce alexandra

I collect Turkish tea glasses. Turkish apple tea is heavenly, especially when you drink it in a beautiful glass.

Candy Apple Drop Two of our favourite things in the world with cinnamon delivering the kicker. 2 Scoops of Pumping Pomegranate 2 scoops of Turkish Apple Chunky 1 Scoop of Just Cinnamon 1/2 a Cinnamon stick to garnish Add tea to the infuser of a four-cup teapot, pour boiling water over the leaves and allow to brew for 4 mins. Remove infuser. Garnish with cinnamon stick.