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Intro to Turning

New to woodturning? This how to guide can help you figure out what tools you need including a lathe and turning tools as well as helpful safety tips.

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To make an unwanted guest, spirit/entity leave your house simply turn your Broomstick upside down!

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10+ Useful Excel Templates for Project Management & Tracking

There are many useful tools out there for project management. One such program you can utilize to keep track of your projects is Microsoft Excel. With Excel’s free templates, you can turn your simple spreadsheets into project management charts and forms #Productivity #Excel #Templates #Lifehacks

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Whether I am making a salad bowl or large hollow form, there is a lot more involved beyond the actual turning. This page describes how to turn a standing tree into a working piece. Wood for…

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Sharpening Woodturning Tools: The Ins & Outs

Sharp tools are the key to success in woodturning. The learning curve in sharpening the tools is as steep as the learning curve in turning itself. Learn the one single difference from sharpening other woodworking tools and improve your turning abilities beyond what you would imagine.

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