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I admit, at the beginning of the episode I was pissed, thinking that he had already moved on to Elizabeth. Then when I heard her voice, I was shocked. But this.... this just broke my heart for him. Poor John

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With the problem with my teachers is that they talk too fucking much. I'll zone out for a second and then come back, they're already on another planet. Like wtf

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And Sherlock's clients would have been telling their stories with no idea why there was a smiley balloon staring at them, just waiting for SH to explain, but instead he motions to the balloon and makes side quips to it, oblivious that it isn't John.

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Pinning be ause this is hilarious and true for my school, but the other schools in our district have finals two weeks after break

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SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ S4 E1: The Six Thatchers. Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman.

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The book: Arthur's TV Trouble to introduce the concept of media literacy. The book is perfect for showing students how media creates a particular message, spin, tools of persuasion, and how to evaluate messages based on our own experiences. Meets Social Studies IRP: Describe ways student us technologies

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Report: In 2016, a Christian Was Killed Somewhere in the World Every Six Minutes |

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A for and against essay | LearnEnglishTeens Also check: How many words can you make from the random assortment of 16 letters in a time limit of 3 minutes. - See more at:

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Sherlock S04 EP02 "The Lying Detective". Season 4.

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I’m giving you a case, Sherlock. Might be the hardest case of your career. When I’m gone, if I’m gone, I need you to do something for me. Save John Watson. Save him.

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