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The 5 Most Realistic TV Show Families of All Time

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Humans (2015) New series on AMC channel. Most excellent! In the Future, each household will have a robot, no big deal....or is it?

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Why You Should Watch "This Is Us"

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Favorite Classic TV Shows ! Family Affair. I always called it the Buffy and Jody show

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The Jacksons TV Show (L-R Jackie Jackson, Michael Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Randy Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, and Janet Jackson)

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The Greatest TV Shows for Women

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Visit to Walton's Mountain Museum in Virginia takes tourists back in time with 'The Waltons' TV show memorabilia

The Waltons' kitchen (TV show), Waltons' Mountain Museum in Schuyler, Virginia

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More commonly known as Wisteria Lane, from the TV show 'Desperate Housewives'. Technically, this movie set street is named Colonial Street, a fictional street in Hollywood where MANY movies and tv shows have been filmed, including my absolute favorite EVER, the 1989 classic, 'The Burbs' starring Tom Hanks. In the movie, this street is known as Mayfield Place, a seemingly picture perfect American neighborhood, with that one kooky neighbor next door. I want to live here!!

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