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Are Verbally Gifted Children at Risk for Underachievement in school?

It seems logical that verbally gifted children would have an advantage in school, but in fact they may be more at risk for underachievement than other children.

Parenting Twice Exceptional Children (gifted, and with a "disorder" such as dyslexia, OCD, anxiety, ADHD, Asperger's, etc)

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40 Sites To Bookmark if Your Child is Gifted

40 Sites To Bookmark if Your Child is Gifted Parents of a gifted and twice-exceptional (2E) children.... you're going to want to bookmark these pages!

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The talents of some of our most brilliant kids may never be recognized because these children fall into a group known as twice exceptional, or "2e". These kids are both gifted and diagnosed with a disability—often ADHD or an Autism Spectrum Disorder—leading teachers and parents to overlook the child's talents and focus solely on weaknesses. This book sheds light on this vibrant population, identifying who twice exceptional children are and taking an unflinching look at why they're stuck.

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ONTSpecialNeeds on

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Resources for Parenting 2e Children

Do you have a twice-exceptional or 2e child? If so, you will want to check out this extensive list of resources focused on parenting 2e children.

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Twice-Exceptional and Thriving — Finally

"My son had struggled for years with ADHD, and had been denied services over and over because he was gifted. Now he was being denied admission to a gifted program because he had ADHD." Sound familiar? Parents of 2e kids will relate. What's your 2e story?

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