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Ever wondered how a Twig film gets made? (Hint: there's lots of editing...)

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Bullet Journal Setup: November 2016

November, the month of autumn that turns into winter. It all reminds me of falling leaves, twigs, warm sweaters, the fireplace, a lot of cosiness and of course hot chocolate! It’s one of my favorite months of the year and I’m already looking forward to Christmas! Novembers theme was a little different. Most of the time I choose one theme and stick with it. This month I choose for the theme: Building. And with this I mean special and populair buildings in different cities of the world.


Geography Lesson: Volcanoes are amazing features the Earth reaves to us. This would be a great video to use to introduce volcanoes and the geography lesson where they are located on the map.


Bird’s Nest fungi belong to the family Nidulariaceae with the most common genera in New Zealand are Nidula, Cyathus, and Crucibulum. As bird’s nest fungi are decomposers of organic material, they are found most often in New Zealand on decaying wood, small twigs, tree fern debris and sometimes on animal dung.


Phobaeticus chani, a stick bug from Borneo, is the world's longest insect. Looking like a pencil-thin shoot of bamboo, large specimens of the dull-green insect measure about 22 inches when its twig-like legs are extended. Its body length is about 14 inches.

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the lemon twigs are out of this world

the lemon twigs are out of this world | Photography Zachary Chick All clothing model's own.

from i-D

the lemon twigs are out of this world