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Twins Score Today

Today Bai, a Manhattan mom, shares about her daughter's experience with the IQ Fun Pack: "Millions of Thank You’s to you! I wanted to let you know that we thank you every day for IQ Fun Pack. We love playing the game but only had it for 1 month before the test. My daughter scored 96 percentile on the test in April. We are happy with the result, but wish it had been a 97% so she would have qualified for citywide programs. Next year we will try again and take our practice more slowly."

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Financial Checklist When Changing Jobs

Scoring your dream job is a big accomplishment! But don't let your excitement make you forget about these four important things:


So secret was the Interstate TDR (Torpedo Drone-R) of 1942 that it didn’t emerge until well after World War II. The 50-ft wingspan, twin-engined bomber (it carried a 2,000 lb bomb) actually saw service in the Pacific theater in September-October 1944, when 49 were sent out and returned a score of 29 hits and 13 near misses. Of the nearly 200 delivered only one complete example exists today, in the U.S. Navy Museum in Pensacola. The partial airframe of a second was revealed here at Oshkosh.

Ah perfect! I found a beautiful head board today at the thrift shop but had no where to put it!!! I am definitely going back to buy it tomorrow!!!!


How to Score a Breast Pump for Free! (Seriously, all mommies-to-be need to read this. I just called my insurance company and they will cover 100% of a brand new breast pump for me. So pumped! -Jenna)


Aug. 17: Yankees third baseman Chase Headley is congratulated by teammates after grounding out allowing the winning run to score against the Minnesota Twins - © Adam Hunger, USA TODAY Sports

Dusty run - Minnesota Twins second baseman Brian Dozier scores the tying run in the ninth inning against the Baltimore Orioles Aug. 23 in Baltimore. The Twins won 4-3 in 12 innings. - © Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports