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Twins standing uncomfortably close to each other


twins standing beside mom - good even if they can't stan on their own


"Carrie" is certainly deserving of such enshrinement—its twin standings as a genre classic and a pop culture touchstone have been solidified for decades now. B It is as fresh, vital and in tune with with the times nowadays as it was back in the day. In fact, I would go so far as to say that "Carrie" expresses more about what is happening in the world today than practically any movie to be released by a major studio so far this year, regardless of genre.

Twin trouble by Broquart Photography on 500px


These blonde bombshells were the first twins to ever compete in a top-level NASCAR event. Angela Cope actually finished in 55th place in the NASCAR Nationwide Series points standings in 2011, but her sister Amber did not fare nearly as well.


If you are saying this isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life… yuh lyin


ON AND off the track apprentices Nathan and Tommy Berry are successful. The 18-year-old twins sit atop the apprentice standings in Sydney and seem likely to fight out that title this season, but they are doing well away from the track as well.

twin + standing lamp + garment rack

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Katie: McGhee Twins Hitting Terrible Twos & Six Little McGhees Review

Two attractive positive smile young business people brother twins standing looking to each other, dressed in shirt, tie. Concept Success, isolated over white background - stock photo

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Seeing Double: Dreamlike Symmetrical Portraits of Identical Twins

The World is moving by Julie de Waroquier - International photography project by female photographers