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Dael tapped the card. "Wrong." Minzy said with a smirk. "It's the queen." "Wrong." Dael countered. "It's Poseidon." "It can't be Poseidon, this isn't even greek mythology." "Well who the hell is it then?" The two girls stared at the table with it's cards spread out, confusion on their faces.


From Alicia Paulson's blog. It is just three rectangles. Made one for A last year, it was easy for a dress. I would like to make one for her for every summer (myself too, if I get that far).


"Despite the dream, Kyra felt fear rise within her as the object was placed before her. "I'm not taking that." "Anything that happens in the dreamscape will not harm you in real life." The boy seemed bored as he set the tea bag down. "Except if it kills me." Kyra was angry. "I wont commit suicide, not even in a dream." "Kill you?" He scoffed, picking up the tea bag. Before she could do anything, he ate it, bag and all. He smiled at her devastated expression. "Don't be so boring." -JK


Telltales Walking Dead series returns with A New Frontier Can't wait for it to come out