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cut-up letters mark a "deconstructivist" style already beyond the classic swiss typography of the 1950s. it is related to gerstner's art, e.g. his modular multiples which could be recombined by the user

from Tylor Reimer Creative

13 Best Seventies Typefaces

This list is certainly not an inclusive list of seventies fonts but rather a few of my favourite fonts from the era. 1. American Typewriter 2. Avant Garde Gothic 3. Bookman 4. Busorama 5. Candice 6. Caslon 224 7. Cooper 8. Grouch 9. Lazybones 10. Octopuss 11. Ronda 12. Serif Gothic 13. Tango


Here we see Futura presented in a constructivist style or something straight out of the Bauhaus. Maybe futuristic type of poster would have been more fitting? Either way, futura was popular in the 70's and why it has a retro feeling despite being created in the 20's.