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The Difference Between American, Scottish, and Japanese Whiskey

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Common Types of Wine (top varieties to know

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Tobiko (hsS, in Japanese) is the Japanese word for the flying fish roe used to create certain types of sushi. Tobiko is sometimes used as an ingredient in California rolls. The eggs are small, ranging from 0.5 mm - 0.8 mm. For comparison, tobiko is larger than masago (capelin roe), but smaller than ikura (salmon roe). Plain tobiko has a red-orange color, a mild smoky/salty taste, and a crunchy texture. Sometimes tobiko is colored with wasabi (green), yuzu (pale orange) or squid's ink…

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Kroger Deli Edamame Caviar Salad - One of my new favorites. Much more economical to make it myself. I make a batch of it at the beginning of the week so the girls at work and I have some everyday for lunch.

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Beluga caviar is caviar consisting of the roe (or eggs) of the beluga sturgeon Huso huso. It is found primarily in the Caspian Sea, the world’s largest salt-water lake, which is bordered by Iran and the CIS countries of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan. Beluga caviar is the most expensive type of caviar, with present market prices ranging from $7,000 to $10,000 per 1 kg (2.2 lb) or $200-$300 per ounce.

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13 Favorite Free Fonts 2013

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