Meanings Of Feathers | a feather flown to my windscreen. It was a black & white feather......| Check out the types of feather you found.

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<< Back to tutorials overview Tutorial ImagineFX magazine #7 How to paint plumage and feathers From an artist’s point of view, painting plumage and feathers is often a dreaded process, but even if it is without doubt time consuming, it doesn’t have to be complex or difficult at all. Now, there are many types of feathers, and if you plan on painting birds, you should study theory about different kinds of feathers and their purpose. Some feathers are for protecting against weather, some for…

What if something like this was done with a non-idealized female body type in order to realize it's objectification? For example, the wires could be "cutting in" to the flesh of an overweight figure as it hangs... Could be called "For Your Consideration"

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Paper crafts are probably the easiest type of DIY crafts, yet it's still a lot of fun. It doesn't require a lot of resources nor high skills, most of the time you only need some papers, scissors, and glue. Enjoy trying these easy and beautiful paper crafts.

Bird Painting ~ Animal Paintings ~ Wildlife Art ~ Animal Paintings & Animal Artwork~ #Paintings of Wildlife ~ #SmokyMountains #Tennessee

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Update! A small batch of dream catchers are now available in my shop. Treat yo'self! Something peculiar happened the other night. I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to a ...

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