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Socialist Feminism vs. Other Types of Feminism

How is socialist feminism different from other types of feminism? Socialist feminism was a branch of feminist theory that tried to fight against all types of injustice in society.


What is feminism: The different types of feminist

What is feminism? Essentially, feminism is wanting women to be equal to men. That doesn't mean the same as men, we're always going to have our differences, but when it comes to being able to make choices and having opportunities, men and women should be equal. The thing is, people have different ideas about how we express that desire; which is the best route to get to equality, or what equality even is...(click for the list)


The Rationalist, the GamerGater, Mr. Buzzword – if you've gotten pushback against your feminism, you'll love these depictions. Which one has bothered you most?

These are elements of feminism - yours may include many or most of these, just not the last one. The last one is bad.

These are elements of feminism - yours may include many or most of these, just not the last one. The last one is bad.


This post originally appeared on the blog The Outlier Collective. But since that blog is now defunct, and since people have been asking for this post, I'm republishing it here. I'm typically a huge...


True that. Everyone has been taught growing up that a man is to be respected, like your father and your educators, and women are to be seen as the consoling and hindering type. This is a form of feminism, we are to be seen and respected the exact same as men and vice versa.

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White Feminism

intersectional feminism

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Feminismo, no es hembrismo

Feminismo, no es hembrismo - Taringa!


This comic perfectly represents what rape culture is to me. It's the idea that women can't wear anything without being rudely "catcalled", as people call it, or go out at night for fear of being assaulted. I think cultures that are hugely patriarchal, such as the U.S. and middle eastern countries, and how kids are raised allow this type of culture to continue and suppress feminism.


Has social media really been good for feminism? By Jessica Megarry. "This type of feminism is palatable to a male audience, does not require women to engage in the often painful process of self-reflection integral to consciousness raising, and contains little, if any, political conceptualization of structural male dominance. Rather, the kind of social media campaigns that receive the most media attention often focus on a woman’s individual right to objectify herself." #FreetheNipple is a…