There are many types of fire glass. Use this visual infographic guide to learn about the different shapes sizes and kinds of fire pit glass and how to choose the fire glass that is perfect for your fire pit or project.

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1) Classic ADD, 2) Inattentive ADD 3) Overfocused ADD 4) Temporal lobe ADD 5) Limbic ADD 6) Ring of fire and 7) Anxious ADD. - "Attention deficit is not a single or a simple disorder." Daniel Amen- ADDfreeSources:

Are There Really 7 Types of ADD?

The 7 Types of ADD: My ADHD Is Not Your ADHD - The 7 Types of ADD – and How to Treat Each One - Daniel G. Amen, M. says there are many types of ADHD. He explains them here, and offers his treatment plans for managing them.

Two Types Of Fire | Inspiration Describes my temperament perfectly.

There's fire in her. If loved correctly, she will warm your entire home. If abused, she will burn it down.

Types Of Fire Extinguishers And What They Do

Having a fire extinguisher is important. But having the right fire extinguisher could save your life. Here’s what you need to know to ensure you're properly protected from a fire.

Brighid is seen as a triple Goddess, and she is associated with three different spheres—high (leaping flames, tall forts, wisdom), middle (hearth and home), and low (wells and sacred springs). Description from I searched for this on

"Brighid, Brigid, Bridget" A triple Goddess 3 spheres: high (leaping flames, tall forts, wisdom) middle (hearth and home) low (wells and sacred springs).

Educational : The types of fire sprinkler systems is very important for the safety of your co-

Educational infographic & Data The types of fire sprinkler systems is very important for the safety of your co-. Image Description The types of fire spri